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Like a scarf, a tie is (one of) the last accessory that improve a suit. Without them, things on people you do not have to be a suit!

They offer classic hit of color to a chic outfit that you put on like a scarf. So always use towels always tie? Towels with everyone and is only used in three spring, autumn and winter, while a tie is something that you can use year-round, regardless of weather, and especially in the home, people use tie rather Riding Hood.

For a power suit, a suit for men express authority to the office or place to meet partners and make sure that you use the tie. Looking back at history, the tie is just a piece of cloth tied around the neck of Croatian soldiers (From tie stems from the name Croat). The French especially interested in details and bring them into the native fashion, from the noble king until the middle needy people are using this stuff in their everyday attire. To modern times, the tie has become a far too common but not everyone knows how to use them properly.

When buying a tie we must pay attention to things ti billion. Story of the tie so that the color and material of the suit is to have a conversation. Select the material, cutting techniques, stitching, snap and most important is the length of the tie to match with the body even harder. Next to the waist so beautiful thing, right, fast and shaping up beautifully knots are also a lot of things you have to learn. If the pile exaggerate this knowledge, you’ll doze off reading, so we’ll leave them for a lot all tie later. Before that, you can quickly glanced through the tie brand worthy of our attention.

Here I would like to introduce to you about what you read good tie was all evaluators.

Temporarily here I am just talking about silk tie, the peak of the tie material. The kind tie made of other materials that will be addressed later.

– Robert Talbott: tie US carriers, there are many beautiful paisley tie pattern with 7-fold tie techniques.

Technique 7 pieces that extraordinary? It makes the tie is a unified block, avoid disproportion, plump let out a pretty knot, heavy enough to drape. The problem is to do a tie like this, you need high technology in both Sewing and seaming. Because traditional tie 7 pieces not add fabric to the inside facing of – right up border fiber ingenuity to avoid the drop, the piece folding ironing superposition requires good, finely creased by only durable and Sewing. Quite a lot of people ask why should attach only without firing a thin seam length tie – the answer is: it helps the evil of the tie can slide off and recover after the process used squirm .

Fan of the tie 7 pieces also aggressive fan of iPhone titles so – they lift it into the legendary class. A tie this kind will naturally more expensive than another tie. The problem is that pattern on its tie and pretty picky, so I think it’s no exaggeration to spend 2-4 million to own 1, 2 pcs – indeed, the very addictive.

Caution you that these samples are not 7 pieces tie and paisley motifs of R. T. it is quite cheap – it’s interesting.

– Kiton: tie Italian brands, is promoting is processed in Como. Kiton patterned youthful, easy for bright colors. Of course also quite expensive. The problem is that the dealer has bid out the whole range of beautiful as they tie the oven, then sell Savvy’s forum, so you have a head shorter Lieu Thang before their blades or not is up to luck. Who knows, you buy 1 unit 7 with 2 million pieces only.

– Brioni: almost no tie 7 pieces. Basically, the cheaper Kiton – have a million and a half, with the nearly 3 million.

In fact, the pattern of Brioni quite normal, but the quality of the silk and makes it very durable stitching and keep freshness longer. Its label is the Santo Stefano also more noticeable with small tie patterned the youthful and affordable many people. During the sale period off you can own them for $ 600 thousand – 1 million 2.

– Eugenio Marinella: tie its quite difficult to find because Eugenio Marinella and his descendants have refused to open any branch somewhere outside Naples. Therefore, although established in 1914, now has nearly 100 years, but the home sewing workshop Marinella tie is still only a few dozen employees. Every day there are hundreds Marinella tie is shipped.

Unusual things I want to say here is that the philosophy of tailoring tie E. Marinella. You can laugh as stars should picky, but imagine you tie a dozen different lengths and tighten any time, who also have to ensure the piece / pieces apart is 2/3. The best is their own plots tie together a cabinet size – suitable individual to himself. For example, the belt type-in-hand Four high a 1m8 to 1m5 prefer long tie, but who prefer a less public 1M7 1m4 lovely only.

– Ties England: there are two companies I like the Drakes and Thomas Pink. Like so easy for bright colors and sometimes with the strange tie only. And in general the majority of the company would tie two quality silk textures and normal, especially Thomas Pink too expensive when compared shootout tie with Italy.

– It would be remiss to not mention Salvatore Ferragamo, Stefano Ricci. The company sold all the class should depend on you alone. But if you’ve ever worn Kiton then you can be assured they have the experience despite peak crowd shoves fan Stefano Ricci line. I can suggest to you the following names: Place Vendome Charvet, Ike Behar, Barneys New York …

– To the left I will talk about the tasty tie, complement, cheap: J. Crew and Jerry Garcia – only around 400 thousand price.

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