Universal world in the bar

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There will be a few types of tables to enjoy drinks in the bars, but every time I go to drink, I still like to sit on the bar. People are often afraid to go out alone, go to dinner alone, but the bar is a place of mass, there is no one sitting facing each other, that is, sitting alone there will not feel lonely. Again and again sitting and counting the names of different types of bottles, clearly stratified. Not every bar has a system of wine arranged, classified to standard but if you look, you will occasionally find places where skilled bartenders are neat. Arranging good wine is not necessarily a good brew. So I’m just saying is tidy. One of the other reasons I wanted to sit at the bar, was because there was a bartender. People go to the bar to drink alcohol. In life, regardless of man or woman, the times when alcohol is most needed are mood-filled moments. Bartender is a character on the border between that sorrow and lightheadedness. The one who advises guests to stop drinking after 3 glasses of brandy is the bartender, the bartender for you is also the bartender. If there is a gatekeeper between heaven and hell in the world, they must be bartenders.

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